Erin Sperger

Sunday, Jul 15, 2018|

My law firm worked with Konstankino to develop a new logo. I worked directly with Bogdan. He listened to what I was looking for and came back with a few ideas. The only problem I had was selecting the right one because I was very pleased with several of them. Even after we made our choice, Bogdan went back to the designer and made some adjustments he thought we would like. We ended up picking one with the adjustment he suggested. I was surprised at how fast Konstankino was able to produce these designs and how quickly they produced the final product. My firm had very specific demands regarding the IP and they met all of them. I went to Konstankino for logo design, but Bogdan displayed a wealth of knowledge about IT security and efficiency. He educated me along the way about other services my company may need or should think about. The kind of integrity Bogdan displayed is rare in this world and I look forward to building a lasting business relationship with Konstankino.

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