AWS Account Cost Optimization

This case study explains how we were able to cut more than 75% of AWS bill.


BY Bogdan Kulbida / ON Jul 23, 2021

What would you say if we told you that you could cut more than 75% of your AWS bill without impacting services? It is a real possibility!

Konstankino did just that for, a leading real estate marketplace in Jordan. They were spending close to $700 per month on AWS infrastructure and trying to understand how to provide a consistent experience to their users while optimizing their AWS bill. Most importantly, they wanted to switch to a new AWS-optimized infrastructure without affecting their existing users.

Our customer had bold plans to cut their AWS bill, and we far exceeded their AWS cost optimization goals while significantly improving the efficiency and performance of their infrastructure.

Our Customer’s Core Requirements

The customer’s platform was in heavy use -- serving over 700,000+ real estate listings monthly via website and mobile apps (Android and iPhone). They required us to keep the entire infrastructure, including the API, up and running without affecting the Service Level Agreement. We could not afford even a slight downtime as per their SLA. also wanted to see no negative impact on SEO, so as to protect their solid ranking in Google and other search engines. All of the services had to be routed in an SEO-friendly way.

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Infrastructure?

Reading your AWS usage report is a valuable skill. It reveals the secrets about what services you ought to start optimizing.

The following diagram is a report for daily spending in AWS before optimization:

From multiple interviews and careful AWS account review and application use, we determined that the cost for their infrastructure could be reduced from $700/mo. To around $250/mo., and we developed a plan to optimize the infrastructure.

You may be asking how it is possible to know if your infrastructure costs too much for the workload you have. How much overhead capacity do you actually need?

There is no simple way to determine that, unfortunately. Most likely you are basing your decisions on the experience you have and common sense. When we rebuilt’s infrastructure, we relied on our experience and an in-depth analysis of their business needs.

Cutting Costs by Rebuilding Infrastructure

To achieve our customer’s goals, we completely rebuilt some of their infrastructure services. For example, using our recommendations and guidance, the customer’s engineering team refactored the image processor to perform image processing faster, saving only the business critical images and storing the source file for potential processing in the future.

We deployed and configured the following services, making sure that they were efficiently and securely “wired” together:

  • Node.js backend backed by GraphQL
  • JavaScript frontend
  • SQL databases
  • Image processor
  • WordPress
  • Custom CDN service

All services were dockerized and deployed efficiently on appropriate EC2 instances. Collaborating with our customer’s engineering team, we refactored and rebuilt the entire infrastructure in a new AWS account to avoid any interruption to the service. We migrated the data to appropriate and cost-effective AWS services, resulting in substantial cost benefits.

Finally, we developed and provided appropriate documentation and architecture diagrams to ensure that our customer could easily maintain the services.

AWS Optimization by the Numbers

As the company provides services in Jordan, we eliminated services such as CloudFront distributions and built CND based on Nginx and S3. We also replaced some expensive serverless components.

By applying cost-savings techniques and deploying containers efficiently, we were able to achieve our goals and exceed our customer’s expectations. We built two isolated and independent environments for development/testing, and production, and lowered the infrastructure cost from $22.80/day to $11.20/day total.

See the diagram below for more details of daily spendings:

The following billing page shows the daily cost of the new platform including staging and production workloads:

Thank You for Working With Us

We are thankful to our customer for being a part of this project. We appreciate your trust, time, and efforts.

Are you looking to optimize your AWS expenses? Look no further, contact us now to get a free consultation! We look forward to using our experience for AWS Account optimization projects.