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Why Konstankino

We strive to bring clarity, transparency and the highest level of professionalism to assist our customers when it comes to our craft and cooperation. This is why we use specific technologies that have proven their efficiency and long term benefits.

We are passionate about our results and do not hesitate to share our expertise. This is why we will suggest technologies that we would use for our own projects. Come as a customer, stay as a friend!

What we do

Web & Mobile Apps development

We will architect and build a product for you. And once it's launched, we can provide reliable support. If you have existing code that you would like to improve - we can do it for you.

Secure DevOps, QA & Code Review

We will deliver the best value possible in the projects we build for you and make sure it works as expected.

Existing Code Support

We will be working with you closely, to produce the best possible results just-in-time for your existing creations.

Technologies we utilize

Django & Ruby On Rails development

Both Django and Ruby On Rails are proven, powerful web-frameworks that allow us to efficiently build stable and robust web applications and back-ends.

Secure DevOps, QA & Code Review

We care about the code we write and believe in service-oriented architecture. We create one-button-push deployment processes and integrations with Docker and Terraform as our main stacks and deploy to the vast majority of cloud hosting providers.

Logo & Visual Presence development

We have experience in designing interfaces and use modern approaches in delivering the best UI/UX products.

ReactJs development

We use ReactJs to build scalable, user-facing interfaces that are efficient, easy to use and ridiculously fast.

RSpec, TDD/BDD Testing

We use a TDD/BDD approach to make sure we deliver the best value to our customers. We use testing frameworks and create automated tests that allows us to develop software incrementally and catch bugs early.

HTML/CSS Development

We are experts in HTML/SCSS layouting.




Project Manager



Full-Stack Software Engineer



Full-Stack Software Engineer



Full-Stack Designer

Our Certificates

We sharpen our skills and knowledge through certifications and affiliations

What our customers say

Trevor F. Smith

Founder at Transmutable

I asked the team at Konstankino to take a pile of old, junky code and bring it up to date. They did a great job turning it into a modern and solid application with little fuss and minimal management time on my part. I'm very happy with their work and look forward to working with them on future projects.

Erin Sperger

Managing Member of Legal Wellspring

My law firm worked with Konstankino to develop a new logo. I worked directly with Bogdan. He listened to what I was looking for and came back with a few ideas. The only problem I had was selecting the right one because I was very pleased with several of them. Even after we made our choice, Bogdan went back to the designer and made some adjustments he thought we would like. We ended up picking one with the adjustment he suggested. I was surprised at how fast Konstankino was able to produce these designs and how quickly they produced the final product. My firm had very specific demands regarding the IP and they met all of them. I went to Konstankino for logo design, but Bogdan displayed a wealth of knowledge about IT security and efficiency. He educated me along the way about other services my company may need or should think about. The kind of integrity Bogdan displayed is rare in this world and I look forward to building a lasting business relationship with Konstankino.

Kristen Martin

School Principal at Montessori School of Central Vermont

Konstankino LLC has been an invaluable resource in the development an application of our online Parent Portal. Based on various interviews and review of paper forms needed for enrollment, Bogdan designed and developed a portal whereby all of our paper systems were eliminated. Parents of children who have attended our program for many years appreciate the ease of the system, as well as the efficiency and availability of information/required forms. Bogdan provided technical support during the initial launch, as well as welcoming any feedback or improvements that needed to be made after the portal was in use.

Tyler Purinton

Securities Division Coordinator and Research Analyst at Vermont Department of Financial Regulation, Securities Division

Bogdan and his team were tasked with implementing a new database for our office (Vermont Department of Financial Regulation). Bogdan assumed a lead role in this venture, and consistently proved himself to be an extremely capable developer that always understood the needs of our office and was able to translate these needs into a highly-functioning database. Bogdan and his team ware always available if we had a question or needed to add a certain feature to the database, and never failed to exhibit an impressive professionalism while going about his work. All of us at the Vermont Securities Division are extremely thankful for all the work Bogdan put into this project, and we unequivocally agree the database is a tremendous success. I highly recommend considering Bogdan should your office be looking into developing a new database.

Clark Doney

IT Manager I at State of Vermont

I worked with Bogdan at a software development company called Bear-Code. He developed portions of a web application (called Aprexis Health Solutions) and did an excellent job. I recommend him highly.

Alan Lattimore

Senior Backend Engineer, Ruby on Rails

It's amazing to see the pile of JIRA tickets closed by Bogdan when I get to my computer in the morning. He's fast, efficient, has worked well with end clients including non-technical personnel. He works incredibly well independently. Highest level of professionalism. Passionate about his craft and the art of software development, Bogdan is on my short list of people to hire when I start my next company.

Amanda Smith

State Officer

Bogdan had the enormous task of developing a database for the department. During this time, he always remained professional and brought new ideas to the table. He displayed an enthusiasm for the job and was knowledgeable on all technology components. Once the database was successfully implemented he continued to be willing to go above and beyond to help in any manner needed. I am thankful for the quality of work received and his dedication.

Donald J. Varney

Info Tech Manager, Department of Financial Regulation

I have known Bogdan for several years. We have worked closely together on a software development project for my department. I have always found him to be pleasant and conscientious about his work. His experience with setting up a linux machine and writing software to run on it should prove to be a valuable asset for anyone that hires him.

Ruslan Yupin

iOS developer

It's been a pleasure to work with Bogdan. I was impressed seeing how he progresses with tasks and challenges on a regular basis developing a products. I was working with Bogdan on a few applications where Bogdan was responsible for product development and managing. He also was gluing all the pieces together. It was such an interesting experience to work with him.

Alexander Kotinov

Web Software Developer

Bogdan very diligent, capable and skilled engineer. Bogdan thinks about the business as a whole, and does not just do what is asked. He continually thinks about what else can be achieved with technology, and upgrades himself to accomplish tougher tasks and challenges. It's great to have a developer on the team who is business minded, and is always looking to improve himself and the business in process.

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