Hi, we are Konstankino

We strive to bring clarity, transparency and the highest level of professionalism to assist our customers when it comes to our craft and cooperation. This is why we use specific technologies that have proven their efficiency and long term benefits. We are passionate about our results and do not hesitate to share our expertise. This is why we will suggest technologies that we would use for our projects. Come as a customer, stay as a friend!

The People Behind Konstankino

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Team Lead

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Team Lead

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Full-Stack Designer


What We Do

Web & Mobile Apps Development

We will architect and build a product for you. And once it's launched, we can provide reliable support. If you have existing code that you would like to improve - we can do it for you.

Secure DevOps, QA & Code Review

We will deliver the best value possible in the projects we build for you and make sure it works as expected.

Existing Code Support

We will be working with you closely, to produce the best possible results just-in-time for your existing creations.

Level of experience

01 - System Integration

97 %

02 - Apps & APIs Development

99 %

03 - Deployment & Cloud Integration

99 %

04 - Delivering An Exceptional Customer Experience

99 %

Technologies We Utilize

Django & Ruby On Rails Development

Both Django and Ruby On Rails are proven, powerful web-frameworks that allow us to efficiently build stable and robust web applications and back-ends.

Secure DevOps, QA & Code Review

We care about the code we write and believe in service-oriented architecture. We create one-button-push deployment processes and integrations with Docker and Terraform as our main stacks and deploy to the vast majority of cloud hosting providers.

ReactJs Development

We use ReactJs to build scalable, user-facing interfaces that are efficient, easy to use and ridiculously fast.

RSpec, TDD/BDD Testing

We use a TDD/BDD approach to make sure we deliver the best value to our customers. We use testing frameworks and create automated tests that allows us to develop software incrementally and catch bugs early.

Logo & Visual Presence Development

We have experience in designing interfaces and use modern approaches in delivering the best UI/UX products.

Websites Development with Hugo

We are experts in websites development with Hugo. Hugo is a static HTML/CSS precompiler that allows us to create ridiculously fast websites.

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